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What is a Google Business Profile and Why Does a Small Business Need One?

Google Business Profile_GBP for Small Business
Google Business Profile GBP

Even if you don't realize it, you might be familiar with what a Google Business Profile (GBP, previously known as Google My Business - GMB) is, and you likely use it more frequently than you think.  

And, some of you have probably claimed and verified your Google Business Profile, but are unsure what to do next and/or how to properly utilize this amazing free tool.  

If you are unfamiliar with the term Google Business Profile, it is the listing that shows to the right if on a desktop, or when on mobile (below any sponsored ads - that’s a whole other blog post), the listing of businesses (when searching for something general like - “Italian Restaurants Near Me”) that showcase reviews, pictures, hours of operation, address, phone number, website URL and more.  

Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business), is an extraordinary free tool that allows you to rank better in local searches, show on Google Maps,  highlight your business in the way you would like to highlight it, respond to reviews, add offers, specials, photos and so much more.  

Benefits of Google Business Profile (GBP) for Small Businesses:

There are so many benefits to small business owners when utilizing Google Business Profile, formerly known as Google My Business , especially when it relates to local searches. We will bullet point a few, but we at Soma Marketing, would really like to give a few “real life” examples to illustrate.  

  • Increased local search results - example “Bakeries Near Me” or “Bicycle Repair Shops in (insert city/town name here)”.

  • Highlight your business how you want it highlighted.  From photos to descriptions to services offered, specials and more.  You are the artist.  This is your canvas.  

  • Respond and engage with customers.  

  • Thank and show gratitude for positive reviews and for choosing your business

  • Address and respond to less than perfect reviews, and dare we say it - in some instances, learn from the less than positive reviews.  

  • Advertise products, specials, your services, what sets you apart, your commitment to the community - the list is nearly endless.

  • Highlight your business’ involvement in community activities, sponsorships and more.

Did you Know - You can Create Multiple Business Categories within a Google Business Profile (GBP)

What is a Business Category?  

What is your main focus of business?  If your business is a bakery, then your primary category would be “Bakery”.  If your main business is a Dog Walking Service, then your primary category is “Dog  Walker.” If your main business is a Candle Store, then your primary category would be “Candle Store.”

But did you know Google allows for up to 9 additional pre-defined categories?

So, in the Bakery example, if you have:

  • A robust coffee menu - add Coffee Shop as a secondary category

  • Catering Services - add Catering Service as a secondary category

In the Dog Walking Example, if you offer:

  • In-home pet sitting - add Pet Sitting as a secondary category

  • If you offer boarding - add Boarding as a secondary category

In the Candle Store Example, if you also offer/have:

  • Natural Products like Soy and Beeswax - add Natural Goods Store as a secondary category

  • Other products for the home (diffusers, essential oils, decorations and more) - add Home Goods Store as a secondary category

Primary and Secondary Categories Example in Google Business Profile (

Have a Question about Google Business Profiles?

As small business owners ourselves at Soma Marketing  we know how daunting a lot of this “online stuff” can be.  We also know, understand and appreciate small business budgets, especially in today’s market. 

Let’s chat more!  Whether it’s a simple question, to PLEASE HELP!!! - Soma Marketing is here.  

Soma Marketing offers Complimentary Initial Consultations for small businesses,  but most importantly, from one small business to another, we are here to help!

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